How Does Your Company Stay Sharp?

In the digital era of today, trends and best practices change at lightning speed. There’s always something new to know about digital marketing, which means that your website and other online properties must be constantly optimized to stay relevant. With competitors ready to pick up any slack you give them, it’s more important now than ever to invest in strategy and education for staying on top of effective digital marketing best practices.

Improve Your Business with Digital Marketing Consulting

You are not an island, and if you act like one—your business will suffer. Our team of digital marketing experts can help to identify solutions for your biggest business problems, or prescribe preventative measures for staying relevant with current online marketing best practices.

Solutions from Experience

If you’re stuck in your company’s day to day operations, it can be hard to have enough perspective to accurately diagnose issues getting in the way of your growth and success. After working with over 200 clients, ranging from small businesses to companies in the Fortune 5000, we can offer unique insights and solutions to the problems you’re facing.

Continued Education

Content overload is a real thing and it’s easy to get caught up in resources that may or may not have useful applications for your business. The experienced team at Folsom knows how to cut through to what’s important and useful, both creating and curating educational content to help your company grow.

The Bottom Line

There are few things more important than a company’s bottom line, and every change you make has the chance to negatively or positively affect yours. The consultants at Folsom Creative can explain how certain strategies will impact your company, so you’re not in the dark as to why various solutions have been proposed.

Consulting & Education Services

Cookie cutter solutions won’t do much for your business, which is why we’ve created a series of custom offerings based on the size of your business, challenges you’re facing, and your ultimate goals. We’re happy to share our secrets to empower you to grow in the field of digital marketing.

Folsom Workshops

No need to travel—our workshops are conducted via webinar, which means that you can pick up a new skill regardless of where you are in the world. Each workshop takes a deep dive into a specific topic the Folsom Creative team is excited about and expert in, for example: “Boosting Your Visibility with SEO". Each workshop is just long enough to get to the point without embellishment, taking place over 30 minutes with an interactive format that boosts learning and long-term information recall.

1-on-1 Consulting

Looking for a more personalized option? Our 1-on-1 consulting sessions may be just what your company needs to dig into a problem and find an expert solution. Our team can offer a unique perspective and suggest an ideal course of action for moving forward.

Speaking Events

Whether you’re hosting an event or are looking for an opportunity to motivate your employees, the Folsom Creative team can offer a range of relevant topics to make an impression. We’re prepared to speak on topics from marketing and design to development and engineering, from local business events to large industry focused shows.

Trailcraft Cycles

Trailcraft Cycles is a small, family-based business located in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado USA. Trailcraft approached Folsom Creative with a request for an updated web design to improve search engine rankings and increase organic traffic exposure. Upon the success of the new website, Trailcraft began to task Folsom with digital marketing and strategic planning, eventually granting Folsom with control over advertising strategy and implementation. Read on to learn about the results of these efforts.