Email Marketing Lessons for Beginners

Email marketing is still one of the best methods to reach your customers and has a proven high return on investment compared to other digital marketing methods. Capitalizing on that return on investment (ROI) means creating and executing a well thought out email marketing campaign. 

In this guide, you not only learn why email marketing is so effective, you'll also receive proven strategies that you can use today.

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A Peak Inside

1775: The United States Postal Service comes into existence with the appointment of its first Postmaster General by Benjamin Franklin and the Continental Congress.

A history lesson? What gives?

Your investment in email marketing, that’s what. The reliance on direct mail by the masses has certainly evolved in the last three-plus centuries but it’s hard to deny its staying power. Receiving a letter addressed specifically to you, the personalization of its contents; the unique experience is tangible and appreciated in a digital world of disconnected connectedness. And although much younger in realization, email evokes much of the same.

In an age where new and shiny technologies emerge by the day, it’s easy—as a marketer— to become sidetracked. To chase the newest channels for reaching an audience while disregarding the audience’s behaviors entirely. While there is value in experimentation across distribution platforms, embracing and perfecting those tried and true methods holds merit as well.