The 12 Things of 2015

2014 was a kind year for Folsom Creative. We maintained sustainable growth and profitability for the entire year and we’re privileged to help several clients with their online marketing goals. We also spent a little time working on our own products and services.

In 2015 we want to bring more of those products and services to the masses. Inspired by the work of who pursued building 12 start-ups in 12 months with the “get it to market” mentality. His ambition got us inspired about the true goals we have for both our own products and the products we build for our customers.

This year we have decided to do the “12 things of 2015”. We will be building 12 different products/services through 2015. We will reveal these projects as we release them however our goals range from creating applications using Meteor, more products for our service Themazing, and some community marketing tools.

In all we want to be building cool things, learning more, and seeing what our users like the most.

We will still be doing what we do best at the same time, which is creating great websites and applications that perform as a marketing and sales tools. Stay tuned for our first “Thing” which should be released in the next few weeks.