Thinking Green + Marketing

As most of you know, tomorrow is Earth Day and it’s becoming increasingly social. Whether your customers are earth-minded or not, they’ll be noticing a lot of buzz around environmental messages for Earth Day. According to a study from, “a vast majority (89%) of the nation is willing to purchase at least one kind of product that has a positive impact on the environment.” This is the perfect time to promote any green initiatives that your company partakes in. You can do everything to Earth Day hashtags for social media and engaging marketing events.

Online retailers can easily show off their eco-friendly side, plus earning additional revenue along the way. Here a few examples:

  1. By adding an optional donation to an environmental organization at checkout
  2. Featuring recycled and organic items
  3. Promote a special eco-friendly gift with purchase
  4. Partner with a local eco-friendly organization, such as or
  5. Create your own social media campaign targeted towards Earth Day

Consumers want to feel good about the decisions they make. As a business, you want to encourage, educate and reward green behavior. For example, Kiehl’s is giving away a limited edition reusable tote with any $100 purchase, exclusively for Earth Day. If they are purchasing an item that is from eco-friendly business, you are more likely to see a long-lasting customer. It’s important to let customers know that celebrating Earth Day is a true reflection of your principles. Business or consumer, we can all do our part to have a big impact and help educate people on the importance of saving Mother Earth. Let’s make every day Earth Day!

If you have questions about “green” marketing or other aspects of engaging with your customers, get in touch with us here at Folsom Creative and we’ll be happy to help.