Telling Your Story

Go tell your story

Every website we create is telling a story. It doesn’t matter if you are blogging, selling a product, or selling a service. A story is being told. It is our goal to help a brand tell their story. After all, storytelling is the most effective way of communicating the 5 W’s of your brand. (who, what, where, when, why). Let’s take our company, Folsom Creative, for example. It is our goal to communicate to the world (customers and noncustomers), that we are more than a web design company. We are a full-service branding and design agency. We want to create the highest quality sites possible using modern design, the best UX/UI practices. There are two types of businesses; ones that are just business as usual (Quantity+Speed=Profit) and ones that are selling an experience (Quality+Creativity=Niche Branding). The first drives only for profit, while the second profits from providing a great experience.

Let’s look at another example:

Craft Brewing vs. Natty Ice

At Folsom Creative we are true beer lovers. How can you fault us? We live in a beer capital. If you look at microbreweries, each has a story to tell. It may be the recipe, the culture, the style, or a combination of those. Craft brews definitely┬ádo not sell because they are inexpensive. They sell because they are quality, interesting, and visually appealing. This also brings me to another point. The top beer producers are in competition for sales. Microbreweries are different. They aren’t competing with each other the same way the big breweries do. In fact, many of them are comrades of the craft. Why can craft breweries all exist without directly trying to compete, while big breweries must compete to succeed? Easy, microbreweries are telling a different story, while the big breweries are all telling the same story (drink our beer, sports, girls, cold, etc…).

As you can see from my rant. Building a brand, a story, a craft is much different than just creating the same old company that everyone has already seen a few hundred times.

Its time that more businesses tell a story, believe in their craft, and produce products that their customers enjoy.