Small Business Needs Good Design

Small businesses in Fort Collins (or anywhere for that matter), need good design not only on the web but all around. Take a look at any business and the first thing you will notice is their design (obviously). But why does it pay to have good design? You could be the best company in the world but if your company, brand, or website does not appeal to your potential clients, they move on to the next company.

What you should know

You are not the only game in town. For example: if you are a maid service in Fort Collins, you are not only competing with other maids, you are also competing with huge companies like Merry Maids. Your website isn’t just a listing at this point, it is your chance to shine. It is human nature to be drawn to beautiful things (those national parks aren’t there for nothing) and having a well thought out and beautiful website will help your company shine amongst the competition.

Design doesn’t stop at the website

If you want to have the best chance at standing out you need several points of consistent design. You should design and brand your logo, business cards, brochures, uniforms, emails, website (of course), and anything that you might be using as a marketing aid.

But won’t that cost a lot?

That depends. Since it is almost impossible to calculate what you would lose by not appealing to an audience, it is almost impossible to say what you would recover from having a great brand image. What you can say is this. Each year you should budget for marketing. That budget and the items you plan to use it on should be well thought out. For example, would you like to market using several channels or just one (that will determine the amount of budget you use on each channel)? Any business owner should be spending at least 10%-25% of their profits on marketing. If you are running an independently owned company, you should be looking at 3k-5k and larger companies should be looking at spending 5k-15k. That may seem like a lot, but it is a cost that only needs to be spent every 3-5 years (updating your look is important in order to appeal to the ever-changing design landscape).


At the end of the day, the best advice we can give is to build your brand so that your customers will pick you first. It’s just like getting ready for a date… You always put a little extra effort into looking good, in order to increase your odds of success.