Why isn’t SEO a 1 time service?

If you’ve ever built a website or done some cleanup on a website you already manage, you have probably done a bit of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You probably went through each page of your website and updated things like titles, descriptions, and headings. If you were using a plugin to help you with SEO you probably spent hours trying to please robots that analyzed your content, trying to get those magical green lights (while not knowing if pleasing getting green lights really helped your SEO or if you’re just gaming the plugins algorithm). If you’re like Folsom, you may have even done a bit of technical optimization like improving site speed, utilizing rich formats, or implementing canonical links.

The one thing you’re probably missing is the follow-up procedures that SEO requires. That’s right, search engine optimization isn’t a one and done effort. You continually need to comb through search data, analytics, and engagement statistics to make ongoing improvements to your sites SEO. You might even find that some of the optimizations you implemented were all but helpful to your search rank.

SEO Trends Change

Search engine optimization trends often change and so should your strategy. Google changes how pages rank and what influences their rank on a continuous basis, with major changes coming every few months. Seasonality changes how people search for your product or services and trends in the marketplace may change how you approach marketing in general. The internet moves fast and so should your SEO strategy. Utilizing a combination of tools like Google Search Consolo, Google Analytics, and the MozBar can help you navigate your SEO strategy to find optimizations that will give you the best value.

Content Burnout

After creating pages for each of your products and services, landing pages, and a ton of blog posts you’ll notice that some pages seem to fall flat while others bring your website a majority of your traffic. Grouping this content and then using canonical links can help pass authority of lower ranking pages over to the higher ranking pages that you’re looking to rank for. Not only does this help benefit the high ranking page, it also cleans up redundant search results.

Competitive Edge

SEO is a competition and if you’re not playing the game, you’ll lose out on valuable traffic and will fall behind your competitors. While SEO takes time to see positive results from, it’s far from something you can perfect. You have to stick with it, test strategies, and most importantly always measure your results.

If you’re like most people, you might not have time to play the competitive search engine optimization game. That’s where Folsom Creative comes in. Folsom specializes in SEO strategy, planning, and implementation. If you’re looking to step up your game, give us a call at 970-214-1494 or shoot us a message today!