Responsive BigCommerce Themes

The BigCommerce marketplace has given berth to a whole new type of business model – themes. Not only can you now download premium themes right from the dashboard, you can also get mobile responsive themes. Responsive themes adjust to fit the size of your browser. This is very important, since an ever-increasing majority of internet traffic is mobile.

So what does this mean for us, our clients, and BigCommerce?

For us, this means we now have a whole new angle of attack for our business. Products and recurring revenue are the two most important things to sustaining a service type business. We will start offering mobile responsive BigCommrece themes very shortly. On top of this, we will also offer additional customization to clients who purchase additional service through our firm.

For our clients, this means two things. 1. If you need an eCommerce store setup on a budget, we will have a viable option for you. 2. If you need to customize your theme provided by us or if you need support, you will have a full-blown agency to help you out. This also means the extra stuff like branding, marketing, and maintenance can be done by the experts without the super custom design and development costs. Keep in mind, that you may have a similar looking site to others, but that is the trade-off.

For BigCommerce, this means that they now have an avenue to increase their platforms usage. A theme marketplace gives users a reason to use the platform. So many shop owners are on a budget and before would choose other options due to the vast theme marketplace.  Now they have their own.

We will be unveiling several designs and hope to have about 2 dozen designs developed over the next 6 months to one year.  Please stay tuned to our progress on twitter –