ReIgnite Your Company in 2014

It’s that time of year again, where everyone gets back from their holiday vacations and starts planning for their 2014 business strategies. While many looks to sustain their current business strategy, others are looking to ReIgnite their business and capitalize on the improving economy. Let’s look at some ways Folsom Creative (a Fort Collins, Colorado Company) can help you in 2014.

ReInvent Your Brand

It’s easy for brands to think outside the box and never change again. For example, that logo you created 10 years ago may have been trendy then but it looks dated now. It can be fairly scary for a business to think about getting a new logo, it’s on everything from business cards to the sign on the building. While you don’t need to update every location your logo appears at once, it is important to introduce new designs as your company grows in time.

Look at any major brand and you will see their branding has changed over time. You will also see that they never fully try to eradicate every instance of old branding.

Is your website converting?

So many business owners are not tracking their website conversion rates (or the conversion rates of other marketing materials). It is important to use many of the free tools available such as Google Analytics to track your site’s conversions. Setup may be cumbersome, and that is where Folsom Creative can step in to help.

Once your site is set up to start tracking conversions, you will be able to better track what marketing strategies are working and which aren’t. You can see what pages are frequently exits for your visitors and add more engaging content.

Are you offering too much?

There are so many websites on the internet and so many more doing the same thing (trying to sell you something). While this is necessary for most businesses, we tend to forget that less is more. For example, a visitor is more likely to convert on your marketing message if it is short and to the point. You might not offer them several decisions, rather you will offer just one or two. Many businesses want to put all their offerings, content, etc… online with no regard to the fact that it becomes more complicated to navigate and understand.

Think of it this way. If you are offered 2 or fewer choices, you are less overwhelmed and can make a decision more easily. Offered any more than that and it becomes too complex and may make your visitors go elsewhere. Choosing to use the less is more approach is key when trying to increase your visitors’ likelihood to convert into a customer.

You don’t have to get rid of the crucial content, you only need to identify it.

It’s not enough to have a website

A website is one part of an overall marketing strategy. You should be focused on having several components such as; referral, print, digital, convention (expo) and up-sell marketing. Together each component will do its part to increase the capacity of your company’s sale funnel.

Get ready for 2014 and start refining your brand image, offer just the right amount of content, and make sure you are offering your content over several mediums.

Let Folsom Creative get your company on track in 2014 with our digital services!