Powering Your Design With WordPress

So you just decided on a design that will help your brand look professional and is on target with your message and story. Next, you just code it out and you’re done, right? Wrong. It’s fairly easy to simply code out a site or convert a PSD graphic to an HTML template. The problem is with complexity and updating. It’s pretty hard for a novice to add or remove content from an HTML template. What happens when you make an error, or when you delegate the work to another employee? With so many downfalls of just developing a site in static HTML, what are your other options?

A Content Management System or CMS is a system that meshes a design, with an easy to use platform for editing content. Using a CMS is a lot like using MS Word, Facebook, etc… You simply have content areas that you can add and format text, images, and other features (no programming knowledge required.) How do you choose a CMS? Simple, look at what is being used the most. WordPress powers more than 20% of all sites on the web and it powers the largest single portion of sites. Tons of developers and designers use the CMS and continually make it better.

We primarily develop sites using WordPress. WordPress allows us to create incredibly usable sites for both our clients and their audience. Typical advantages include:

  • Easy page and post creation. WordPress is founded on blog and static page functionality. Through the use of page templates, it is possible to create several layouts with ease.
  • Shortcodes. We can add even more layout flexibility by using shortcodes. These are little bits of code that are easy to use and can really help create unique layouts.
  • Advanced Custom Fields. This is a plugin we use to add even more functionality to the site. You can do everything from adding slides to configuring global site options.
  • SEO. SEO is made easy with plugins that help manage meta information, Google analytics, Schema data, and more.
  • Much Much More. The development community is huge within the WordPress world. There are thousands of plugins that add functionality and even more advice forums.

We are your WordPress experts and we can manage everything from theme design and development, plugin development, site setup, and maintenance. Having a team like ours on your side is key to long-term success. Give our team a call at 888-944-4646 or fill out a contact form. We look forward to helping you build your brand for the long term.