OSO Before PPC

On-Site Optimization has long been the one factor that the average Joe, cannot fix alone. Google looks at over 200 metrics to rank the value of our site and while you can simply pay to skip many of these metrics by using PPC, you can actually save a lot of money by first focusing on-site optimization. So let’s take a look at what OSO is.

On-Site Optimization

OSO is simple, it is optimizing your site to be more acceptable to both search engines and visitors. Some of the top factors include:

  • Site Speed (not only how fast your site loads, but how it does it)
  • Rich Data (there are several types and formats to this but think of it like this – rich data defines its contents. is this a blog post, address, phone number, review, etc…)
  • Context (users and search engines alike are looking at your content and rating it on how contextual it is. make sure you are using keywords that actually flow with your content and don’t be spammy)
  • Mobile optimized (a large portion of search is done through mobile devices and serving a mobile site is a determining factor for both Google and your visitors)

Obviously, that is just a fraction of it. Google doesn’t rank sites as much on easy to do tasks such as Titles, Meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords, and Heading Tags since those things are easy for the laymen to complete. They want to see the hard to do task completed before boosting your organic ranking.

Some of the things we do are employ everything possible to make sites faster both on desktop and mobile devices. We then look at content strategy and make sure the content sounds human and is on target. We then make sure that any descriptive data is properly formatted using structures like Schema (this is one thing that most sites are failing on).

So how does on-site optimization save you money on PPC (pay per click) advertising?

Simple – Google gives your keyword choice a quality score. That score is based on how good the organic landing page is, how relevant the ad copy is, and the estimated click-through rate of the ad. The higher the quality score, the more likely you will spend less on top position ads.

It pays to do the tough work early. Not doing so will make your site rank less organically and you will spend way more out of pocket on other marketing strategies.

Not sure where to start or need help getting started? Call the experts!