How to Track Facebook Leads with Facebook Pixel Events

If you’re not tracking events on your site using the Facebook Pixel, you’re missing out on a treasure trove of insights and data that explain how Facebook users are engaging with your site. Not only does the Facebook Pixel help create Custom and Lookalike Audiences, it also allows social media managers to track events and capture data related to those events. In this post, we’re going to take a look at how you can track leads on Facebook using Reporting Events.

  1. Make sure you have the Facebook Pixel installed. You can either do this manually, by contacting your webmaster, or by using Google Tag Manager. Many platforms also have integrations with Facebook Pixel so be sure to find the recommended implementation method for your web platform. In our case, we use WordPress as a platform and Google Tag Manager as our integration tool.
  2. Once the pixel is installed, place this lead event code after the pixel on all the pages that you’d like to track leads on. Typically this is a “thank you” or confirmation page that is loaded after a lead converts on a form.
  3. If you’d like to capture additional information, you can add parameters to the code snippet. This will take the work of a person familiar with the website code to help you with. You can learn more about Facebook Event Parameters here. Note that this is an optional step.
  4. Once your event code has been added, you’ll now be able to track “Lead Events” in Facebook Analytics and ad campaigns. If you need to troubleshoot or confirm that everything is working properly, the Facebook Pixel Helper extension for Google Chrome is a great tool for seeing what pixel events are firing on a page.

Now that you have everything set up to track Leads on Facebook, go ahead and create a small ad campaign to generate leads on your website. The Lead Event will help you measure how many ad clicks resulted in leads and will give you better insight into which campaigns are performing the best.

If you need help setting up the Facebook pixel and configuring event tracking, give Folsom a call at 970-224-1494 or send us a message for a Free Facebook Consultation.

More information on reporting events can be found here.