How to Fix the Wrong Facebook Share Link Thumbnail Image

Have you ever wanted to share a link organically on Facebook, only to realize that the image you want to use is being resized and warped in a way that you don’t want? This is happening because Facebook is pulling the thumbnail images from the website you are sharing the link from, and doesn’t allow you to simply add a new image to the post itself.

Facebook does this to ensure that you can only edit the appearance of pages that you have control of, so as to prevent the spread of “fake news” (i.e. if someone shared NY Times article, but changed the thumbnail to say something else) The following steps teach you how to counteract this on a WordPress-themed site:

Step One: On your website, navigate to where you can edit the product, post, or page that you will be sharing.
Step Two: Near the bottom of the page, navigate to “SEO Settings”, where you’ll see options for “General”, “Social”, and “Visibility”.
Step Three: Click on “Social” settings and upload the custom social image. From here, press update on your page.
Step Four: Go to the Facebook Debugger ( and add the url to the debugger (you may have to try twice.) You should see the updated post in the Debugger’s preview.
Step Five: Try posting your post again, the correct image should now load.