Fort Collins Web Design


Ah, Fort Collins, one of the greatest cities in America to both live in and to start a business in. That is exactly why Folsom Creative calls Fort Collins home. Our entire team is located in Fort Collins and we are dedicated to working with the community to help both small and medium businesses thrive. On top of our local contributions, we have several national and international clients. Our ability to provide excellent web design and development has contributed to our ability to expand from our fantastic local arena to the global stage.

Our Design Philosophy

Folsom Creative is founded on good design. Design is the one component of any business that sets the tempo for so many components. For example, logo design and branding can be used throughout a company to create business cards, advertisements, and to add identity product offerings. Having a website that is properly designed will give customers a unified experience. Why waste time creating a great brand and company and then send visitors to a templated cookie cutter website. Our philosophy is to create a website that truly complements your brand.

What do we offer?

Many business owners are unclear about what a design studio offers and what one does not offer. Below is the list to help you get a clear picture of our services.

  • Branding – Logo & Letterhead Design, Color and Style Guidelines, Tagline Creation
  • Web Design – Using the Style and Color Guidelines, we create a design mock-up that organizes your content to be easily accessible, and solve the user experience (UX/UI) challenges that your business faces.
  • Web Development – This goes in hand with web design. We take the design and build it into a content management system such as WordPress.
  • Support – Believe us, no project is truly set and forget. Updates to plugins, code, and content are always needing to be made. Likewise, if you are doing some sort of optimizing (which you should be doing), you will need to have a good working relationship with a team that can help you out. (That team is Folsom Creative)

Future Plans

2013 has been a fantastic year for Folsom Creative. We have grown from a freelance venture to an established company with a list of fantastic clients and completed projects. Our future growth plans are to continue growing our web design offerings while expanding into new niche markets, like the popular craft brew market. We also are looking to add value to our company by offering FREE marketing advice both via our blog and in house meetups. One of the reasons we don’t offer marketing directly is because it in its own is incredibly niche. No two businesses can be managed the same and it truly takes an industry expert to properly run a successful marketing campaign.


Folsom Creative is incredibly happy to be working with such a great community and we look forward to the rest of this year and next year as we continue to grow. We hope you enjoy our new site as well. Stay tuned for future posts about design, marketing, and case studies of sites from our portfolio.