Fort Collins Needs – Code Rescue

Fort Collins is a birthplace of business. In fact, we ranked in the top 20 cities for tech. With that said, there is a huge demand for branding, web design, and marketing services. With so many businesses providing their own web services or paying cut-throat rates, there seems to be a huge need for code rescue. So what is code rescue and how can you prevent spending money on it?

We provide code rescue for one reason – DIY Web Services and Cut Throat pricing leads to poor quality work that will need undone/redone.

What is code rescue? Simple.

  1. Restoring or fixing website functionality.
  2. Migrating sites from shady web hosts.
  3. Undoing unfavorable SEO tactics.
  4. Updating and securing unsecured sites.


Almost 70% of our business comes from clients who are in need of code rescue. While we more than enjoy this type of work (we pride ourselves in being the savior), it is totally preventable. So how can you protect yourself?

  1. Be sure you are paying a realistic price for your project (underpaying will always lead to a poorly executed project).
  2. Make sure you ask the tough questions. (What will you do if you fail? How do you guarantee your work?).
  3. Check references (if your contractor cannot provide a good reference, chances are they cant retain clients).
  4. Check for reviews (dig deep, real reviews may be hiding on page 10 of Google).
  5. Do your research. Make sure you know what you want, what you are getting, and a general idea of how it’s done.

So, are you having issues with your site, and no one seems to know what they’re doing? Give us a call!