Why We’re Excited About Meteor

Last week, Meteor released it’s long-awaited version 1. Meteor is an open source platform for developing web and mobile applications in pure JavaScript. What makes Meteor even more awesome is that everything happens in real time. This means that a change you make at point A will show up in point B without a page reload. It is really like time travel for applications. Since Meteor is a JavaScript platform, it’s very easy to pick up and start working with.

Being able to create apps that allow real-time content updates is a huge advancement in how we think about development, and even more so user experience. Consider a media outlet that can push content in real-time, make updates to posts in real-time, all without the user refreshing. Think about creating a mobile chat application that works across every device, all in real-time. Being able to offer this type of functionality makes creating applications in Meteor a dream.

Meteor is also much easier to learn as a platform. In less than a day we already had created relatively functional web applications.

At Folsom, we are working on a couple example applications and mobile integrations to show off what Meteor can accomplish. This means we will be able to create easy to use applications that also work in mobile environments (iOS & Android) while using one core set of code. Our goal is to make managing content much easier on each platform.

If you’re interested in what Meteor can do check out take a look at their site – https://www.meteor.com/

If you have any ideas for something that you would like to see us create with Meteor, just leave a comment. Also be sure to attend the Worldwide Meteor Day in Boulder if you want to hang out with our team