Looking through your customers eyes

One of the toughest obstacles that any business or entrepreneur has to overcome is viewing the solution that you provide from your customers perspective. But learning to see what your customer sees and becoming an expert at it can be a huge determining factor in your businesses growth and performance. Let’s take a look!

Value is the sole reason that potential customers become actual paying customers. But what is value? Price? No. Value is a problem solved, a process made more efficient, an investment gained. No matter what you’re selling you must establish value. We establish value for our customers in several ways.

  1. We find the root of the problem and create a simple solution. Most of the time the problem is related to finding more customers or getting more traffic to convert into leads.  Sometimes the problem is relevance (I’m looking at your 1999 website).
  2. We make things look amazing. Yes, things! We design logos, websites, brochures, product packaging, you name it. And making it look great is key. Think about it for a minute, what pops out at you the most? Tesla didn’t make a car that looked funny and space-aged, they made a car that looks sexy. They stayed inside the box while being completely outside the box at the same time.
  3. Simplicity. When we do design for our customers, we like to break down the barriers and really get down to the foundation of the customers’ needs. We want our customers to feel like we are partners that are completely vested in their ideas, goals, and plans. In the same token, we want our customers to feel comfortable being vested in our talent, vision for success, and knowledge of customer habits.

At the end of the day, we build value by providing a solution that is highly integrated into your process, goals, and business plan. Doing the same for your customers is just as important. Your customers are looking to you for a solution, and regardless of the price, you must look at your company through your customers’ eyes.

Are you living up to your potential? Do you provide value or just low prices? (or neither?)

We would love to chat about providing value from your customers perspective. Send us a message, and let’s seek some clarity.