Importance of Consistent Branding Across the Board

Many companies struggle to provide a unique experience and separate themselves from the competition. We find that most of our clients are looking for just one section of their company to be redone, in terms of design, when in fact they should be looking at multiple areas.

At Folsom Creative, we focus on providing a full branding experience. What that means is providing all of the brand assets that come along with the logo. Your logo is the forefront, the statement, the first impression. Everything else from there needs to be consistent with that core message and represent a consistent powerful message. Here are some areas of branding that companies need.

1) Business Cards

This is fairly obvious for branding but some companies will skimp out on this. We urge all companies to get a consistent and usable business card template that is consistent with your branding to ensure that when you’re talking to potential business, you look good. It’s all about brand presentation.

2) eSignature

The signature in your email is one of the most commonly seen areas in business communication. You want to make sure that your branding carries over into the day-to-day communication to keep the core presentation of your brand strong.

3) Print Media & Brochures

Think a word document is good enough? Think again. Brochures are often looked at as a summary of a company and its representation. The branding on any print media needs to be consistent and precise. It should be bold and stand out in a stack of papers from any angle. Your business should be near the top of your customers’ minds.

4) Website

Some businesses believe it is ok to buy a template and slap their logo on a prefabricated solution. The reality is that using a method like that is cheap and easy to overlook. When doing a full branding overhaul, the website will tie the business together with the overall image presentation. You want your visitors to feel like they stepped into a professional arena where the company they’re putting their money in spent time on the little things.

Strong branding is a must for every single company out there – small and large. Any time someone talks about your company, views a piece of material, or compares you to a competitor, your company branding should stand out from the rest and be memorable. By leaving that impression, the money you spend on branding will pay dividends by the memory your customers will have of your company.