Company Branding as a Story

There are a lot of companies trying to make it in the craft world who end up failing for various reasons. One of the main reasons is that their story didn’t resonate with their customers.

What do we mean by story? Some of the most memorable companies have a story that becomes a mantra for the company. One of the most famous examples is New Belgium Brewery. As the creators of the Fat Tire Ale, there isn’t a person in Colorado (or further) who hasn’t heard some element of the story. Within that story falls the company mantra: Follow Your Folly. All of New Belgium’s wording, branding, design, and more help build up this craft beers story which engages its customers in a more personable way.

The consistency of your brand story is what causes people to come back to companies. Familiarity and consistency are paramount in the craft product market and should always be a top priority. This is how companies reach the tipping point. By collecting customers who are attracted toward a craft made product, they spread the world to visit a companies website, share the company story, and brag about how beautiful the branding is.

When creating a company that offers a craft product, every detail is important. You’re not competing for just another customer. You’re competing for an evangelist. Someone who will spread the word of your company, vision, product, and being. At Folsom Creative, we work with our clients to create consistent branding, design, and websites in order to keep the integrity of each company.

If you’re in the business of creating a new product that is tailored toward the craft market, chat with us! We understand how to design your branding around your company story and how to attract the right customers to your products.