Why Colorado Is The Silicon Valley of the Midwest

Colorado is often looked at as an oasis in the Midwest. Our surrounding states are fairly flat, plain, and unpopulated (this includes about half of our own state). However, if you look up and down the Front Range, you will notice that both business and population are thriving. So what gives?

The Silicon Valley of the Midwest

Colorado is home to those who do. Simply put, we enjoy working and playing hard and maybe all that thin air has made us some sort of superheroes. In a nutshell, Colorado is home to tons of businesses and even bigger names that are headquartered in Colorado. (Otterbox, GolfTec, Noodles & Company, and New Belgium just to name a few). In Colorado, we dream big and have created a strong economy built on businesses who call the Rocky Mountains home.

Why do we call Colorado Home?

Simple… Because we love providing creative services to the vast variety of brands in Colorado. With new startups emerging and big businesses doing makeovers, we have found that Colorado has what it takes to provide us with an ever-changing landscape of creative work. Likewise, we see what others see in Colorado. We have our own unique blend of business and lifestyle that makes our work stand out amongst the ever diluted crowd.

Colorado is the perfect state to start and manage any sized business and we have and will become the birthplace of the largest most successful companies to launch.

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