More Than Code Rescue

At Folsom, we pride ourselves on fixing others mistakes. Often clients come to us in desperation after finding out that their site no longer works as it is supposed to. Their old developer is no longer around, the platform their site was built on is outdated and unsupported, or the site they had built was built insufficiently. It has become very common for Folsom to sweep in and fix what has been broken.

CSU Ventures

We recently got the chance to work with CSU Ventures on their site. They had 2 main concerns. 1. The platform they had their site was broken and no longer supported and 2. they wanted a responsive (mobile friendly) site. We met and made a plan.

Our plan was to migrate their site, as is to WordPress. Often times people look and me and say “isn’t WordPress just a blog?” Well yes, but it is also a powerful CMS (content management platform). With a plugin like Advanced Custom Fields and a starter theme like Roots, you can make a pretty powerful site without a ton of effort.

Over the course of a few weeks, we created the new CSU Ventures site, added their content, and worked with the original designer (One Tribe Creative) to make the homepage a bit more modern, all while making it a responsive platform.

So far the result has been great. We produced the site ahead of schedule, on budget, with additional features and styling.

CSU Ventures is a case in point example of a situation where code rescue was the best possible option. Not only were we able to meet the challenge, but we were able to exceed the minimum requirements.

Code Rescue for You!

If you are looking for a bit of code rescue, just hit us up – Contact the Best Web Developers in Fort Collins. Our rates are fair and our turnaround time is short.