5 Reasons Why You Need a Custom WordPress Theme

WordPress is now powering a dominant portion of the internet. With that being true, it is now the most recommended platform on which to design and develop websites. Here at Folsom Creative, we use WordPress to power most of what we build. What is WordPress? WordPress is a Content Management System that takes care of the basic groundwork for creating a good website. It provides an interface for adding content, managing users, and is incredibly extensible with plugins. Let’s move onto why WordPress Themes are beneficial to you.

1. Easy To Adjust

In WordPress, the content, plugins, and theme are all individual components. This means when you change your design, the content and most of the functionality (anything outside the theme) are always intact. This is important because it leaves all of the hard work that you put into SEO and content alone.

2. Easy To Use Templates

WordPress themes are comprised of templates. When creating a page you may have some simple templates (full width, sidebar) but you can go further than that with specific templates that modify layouts even further. You might have a template for a marketing landing page, contact page, or even the homepage.

3. Great Looks Come Easier

Since WordPress takes care of the content, more time is left to designing and developing the actual theme. This means you can afford to get more out of your design than you could before. Often you were faced with costly development time to build features that are stock with WordPress.

4. Advanced Content Layout

Most of the themes we create, come with a set of shortcodes. These are little bits of easy to use code (often inserted via a button click) that can be used to create interactive content, buttons, slides, and more. This allows you as the customer, to take advantage of some more advanced layouts, without needing to know any programming languages.

5. Security and Updates

As WordPress gains traction as the number one content platform, they also release security updates. Not only updates to the security of the WordPress foundation are made, but also components that theme designers use. This means we are always able to offer the most secure site possible. This is incredibly necessary when considering the long-term health of a website.


We love to work with WordPress for so many reasons. But mainly because it benefits both the customer and the developer so more time can be spent thinking about design and content, rather than development.