A 24 Hour Re-Brand

Last February Folsom Creative re-branded. Our new brand had to be more unique than our original and it also needed to encapsulate a larger variety of services related to our industry.

Sunday Night

Sunday night was the foundation for our rebrand, name night. We had two objectives. 1. Find a new name and 2. Find a name that keeps our domain name short (short names are easier to spell and remember). After about 200 different ideas, we came across Folsom. We felt the name had the elements of what helps create a brand in the first place. It is a word that people are familiar with and it is something that a story can be built from.

Monday Morning

By Monday morning the domain was active and our old site was converted over to the new brand (this included re-referencing our content, tweaking our design, and re-establishing our SEO foundations). We had a new logo by noon, and the design was off to the press.

In less than 24 hours we had created a new brand, moved our assets, and re-established a new identity.

As you can imagine, not every brand can re-invent itself overnight but we knew that we had to to keep moving forward. Our goal is to make sure our clients come first, and moving swiftly achieves that goal.

How Branding Should Happen

Now for the obvious. Take a look at our situation, we have essentially turned our re-brand into a case study on how quickly we can create a quality brand. Most of our clients are in a similar boat. They need to get their brand off the ground and quickly and that is exactly what we can do. You can rely on our creative team to build your brand quickly and with the quality treatment that we have given our own brand.