11 Reasons Why SMB & Enterprise Marketers Choose WordPress

As a design and marketing agency, we know that choosing the best tools to do the job effectively is important. Implementing a marketing campaign can be classless if you’re not using the correct content management system (CMS).

WordPress gives you access to an almost limitless library of tools that makes creating, tracking, and maintaining content a snap. With all of those tools, you can create the simplest blog or a large scale enterprise application.

Lets explore a few reasons white SMB & Enterprise Marketers choose WordPress.

1. The edge of the scale has yet to be seen

WordPress is incredibly scalable making it easy to set up a site that can handle millions of users. Sites like TED, NBC Sports, UPS, CNN, TechCrunch, and Gigaom all use WordPress. You simply can’t outgrow the WordPress platform. (You may need to look into some powerful hosting however.)

2. Content is key, and WordPress makes adding content easy

The primary component of WordPress is its ability to allow users to publish posts, pages, and other custom post types easily. Every screen is very similar, so it is easy to hop in and understand how to add content. With custom page templates, shortcodes, and custom fields; creating complex page layouts, landing pages, galleries, contact forms, etc… is simple. Creating any post or page can be achieved in less than 4 clicks.

3. Marketing integration to the MAX

WordPress has been around for a long time, and a ton of websites use WordPress. When marketing platforms such as HubSpot, Raven Tools, Marketo, and ExactTarget created their platforms, adding WordPress integration was a top priority. Likewise, there is an almost infinite supply of plugins and widget to help you maximize on-site optimization. Integration just got a boost as well. With tools like Zapier, you can create an almost endless chain of integrations between WordPress and the tools that you use.

4. Easy to use, Easy to train

WordPress is super easy to use and is incredibly well documented. If you’re running a large company with tons of content editors and marketing executives, it’s easy to set up a consistent workflow so that you can keep your team on track. With integrated automation, editors can be made aware of new content that needs to be reviewed before being published. You can also give users a fine-grained level of access to adding, managing, and publishing content via the built-in user roles of WordPress.

5. Dynamic is the name of the game

WordPress takes away the need for understanding complex HTML templates, and lets you focus on what’s important – creating new content easily. Need a site that is dynamic and tailored to several different user demographics? With tools like evergage you can easily create content that is tailored to each one of your customers.

6. Open Source, License Fee Free

WordPress is an open source platform and carries a price tag of free. This means you do not need to allocate a budget toward your platform, which frees up money that can be better spent on high ROI strategies.

7. IT and Marketing on one team

With WordPress, you are likely only going to need help creating the root theme, and installing your initial WordPress core. After that, everything from adding new content, to setting up new microsites can be done from the WordPress dashboard. With tools like MangeWP you can even make the IT component of your marketing department easier.

8. A Growing and Thriving Community

With WordPress being the largest growing CMS with the largest user base, it’s no wonder that WordPress has a huge community of designer, developers, marketers, and power users. With over 2600 themes, over 32,000 plugins, and countless premium plugins, you will be sure to find a solution or help to make your site as capable as you need.

9. SEO Bliss

WordPress developers have created several plugins to help marketers optimize their site. There are plugins for SEO, image optimization, sitemap generation, tracking code integration, and microformat integration. These tools make SEO as easy as filling in the plank, hitting the button, or copy/pasting your Google tracking codes. Likewise you have all the flexibility of custom page titles, custom URLs, and custom post excerpts.

10. Always Ready to Update

WordPress has a good track record for updates that will not break your site. Sometimes hitting that update button can be a scary thing, if you have come from a different CMS. With WordPress that fear is gone. Simply hit the update button and you’re set. As always we recommend making a backup before updating your site.  Luckily backups can be done in one click as well using tools like BackupBuddy or ManageWP.

11. Secure as Fort Knox

WordPress is super secure, but it come with the same disclaimer that every CMS should come with. Security depends on you keeping things up to date. Making sure you update WordPress and any 3rd party plugins you have. Often times those updates are security updates. You should also choose hosting that has a good track record. Many web hosts will identify and thwart attacks on your site, from their end. When all else fails, use a tool. Tools like Sucuri and iThemes Security Pro can help identify and thwart security risks in themes, plugins, and your root WordPress install. If you still have a concern, you should try an enterprise solution like VIP WordPress.


It’s clear that WordPress is a marketing game changer for any size business and is a perfect fit in the enterprise market. It’s a system that is meant to be easy to learn, easy to work with, and easy to scale. Do you want to talk Enterprise WordPress? Give us a call, click to contact, or leave a comment below. And as always, don’t forget to share.

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