Our Mission

Folsom Creative started in October 2013 with one mission in mind - to help businesses obtain real and measurable growth using digital marketing. Since that time we have helped over 250 business owners increase profits using internet based marketing. From website design, social media, and digital advertising our team of experts are dedicated to finding the right strategy to help businesses establish 4x, 6x, and even 10x growth.

Our Vision

We don't believe digital marketing is the future, we believe that digital marketing is the now and has been for a few years. When we look to the future of digital marketing and how business is conducted online we see websites and marketing strategies that are highly focused and data driven to provide the best results. 

Websites aren't just a place to get more information. Websites are a 24/7 sales machine and with the proper focus and strategy a website could become your best salesperson. With Folsom as your partner, we can make that vision become a reality.

Our Values


We value customer service very highly and want to make sure we're always providing the best customer service and experience regardless of budget. 


Your success is our success and we thrive on seeing our clients positive business results. From reducing overhead to hitting sales goals, we're here to promote your success.


We're not looking to make an exit. It's important that we build a business that will be around for the long haul, is financially responsible, and provides our staff a place to call home.